About C&C Logistics Consulting

C&C Logistics Consulting was founded by Tanya Wallace, CMC®, CMILT to provide an independent resource for clients to help them navigate their logistical needs. All to often, companies either cannot find the support they need or rely on a partner, such as their 3PL or a carrier, to assist them. While they seem like an obvious choice because of the familiarity with the business, they are not necessarily familiar with all the various processes, only those that directly impact them. They are not privy to what others (competitors) may be doing in the market or how they operate. They are also often encumbered by that relationship and corporate policies.

Tanya saw the need that companies had for an independent, or neutral, option when seeking support. Thus, she started C&C Logistics Consulting to help fill the void and provide companies with that independent option to help them with their logistics initiatives.

Her commitment to the profession, and her clients, is represented by the CMC® designation. She underwent the rigorous process to become a Certified Management Consultant™ to express that commitment. She has been a Certified Management Consultant since 2011 and is also Project+ certified and a Chartered Member of International Logistics & Transport.

An Introduction to Tanya

Tanya has always been passionate about helping organizations save money. She has been in the logistics and supply chain industry more than 20 years. She worked for an LTL carrier and has held leadership positions while working for a 3PL and a freight spend management organization.  She gained extensive insight and experience from working with all modes of transportation, hundreds of carriers, and from reviewing thousands of contracts. This insight affords her opportunities to find creative solutions to various types of challenges.

It was while working for the spend management organization that she saw an opportunity to assist their clients with various projects, outside of the normal daily activities, that could create a new revenue stream for the company. She put together a business plan for a consulting department and presented it to the executives. While they thought it was a great idea, a client and opportunity had to be identified. It took a while, but a large client needed a full-time resource for a 6 month project. This was it…the opportunity that would allow the Consulting arm of the organization to now be a reality.

She was able to effectively save millions of dollars for many Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca~Cola®, Nike®, Schneider Electric®, and Allergan®, to name a few.  Tanya spent 10 years working with pharmaceutical companies who have over-the-counter, prescription, and medical device products. Pharmaceutical shipments come with unique challenges, such as regulatory, security, and temperature control requirements. According to Tanya, “The fun part of logistics is when you make the impossible happen, such as getting a life-saving shipment delivered in a matter of hours, or have shipments for a new product launch delivered across the country at the same time.”

A Word from Tanya

“I always feel as if my client’s money is my money, and I am very mindful that it not be wasted! It is always rewarding to help a client identify an issue or concern and follow it up with a resolution, to improve a process, or to significantly reduce their spend. My clients always know I will do anything within my power to assist them, and I am always appreciative when they make me feel like one of their own. That trust and respect is quite humbling.”   ~  Tanya Wallace, CMC®