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C&C helps you manage all the pieces of your supply chain.

C&C Logistics Consulting is proud to help our clients operate more efficiently, meet their customer demands, and all while doing it for the lowest cost possible to the organization. Below is a listing of some of the services offered.

  • 3PL Management
  • Chargeback Avoidance
  • Carrier Contract Negotiation / Support
  • Freight Audit Provider Selection
  • Routing Guide Development
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Site Selection Support
  • Pharmaceutical Transportation
  • Package / Dim analysis
  • Lane Analysis
  • Shipment Optimization
  • Returns Management
  • Sales Rep Sample Shipping Process / Product Roll-Out
  • Freight Management, inclusive of expedited and temperature controlled
  • Project Support for Implementation of Freight Audit Services, Transportation Management Systems (TMS), and Kewill (parcel management).

Are you a small company and need some assistance with your transportation needs, but don’t need a dedicated resource to manage it daily? C&C Logistics Consulting is your answer. We offer outsourced transportation management services that can be project based or we can be retained for support as needed.

Do you have a great staff already but would like to offer them additional training to help them better manage and navigate the daily complexities of shipping or freight bill processing? C&C Logistics Consulting can develop a tailored training program to elevate the skills of your team, enabling them to work more efficiently and control company costs.

We also work on a variety of custom projects and initiatives. So, how can we help you?